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In this qualitative study, we examined the sources and nature of social support reported by 24 gay, bisexual and queer Hispanic college men at a small liberal arts college and a large university in the USA. Shared experiences included support from those who had previous experience with the lesbian, gay or bisexual community. Protector indicated a type of support that was psychologically, emotionally or physically protective in nature.

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Quillette has been unwavering in its support of Noah Carla young conservative scholar who was targeted by an outrage mob after getting a research fellowship at St. Unfortunately, St. We ran a follow-up piecethis time criticizing St.

Heterosexual transmission has contributed greatly to the current HIV-1 epidemic in China. However, the HIV-1 genetic characteristics in the heterosexually transmitted population in Jiangsu province remained unclear. A molecular epidemiological investigation on heterosexual transmission of HIV-1 was conducted across Jiangsu province.

LGBT themes in mythology occur in mythologies and religious narratives that include stories of romantic affection or sexuality between figures of the same sex or that feature divine actions that result in changes in gender. These myths are forms of LGBT lesbiangaybisexualtransgender expression, and modern conceptions of sexuality and gender have been applied to them. Many mythologies ascribe homosexuality and gender fluidity in humans to the action of gods or of other supernatural interventions.

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Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. Sexual minorities lesbians, gay men, and bisexualssmoke at higher rates than the general population. However, little else is known about sexual minority smokers.

Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, Vol. Kaposi sarcoma KSfirst described by Kaposi, [1] is currently defined as a locally aggressive, endothelial tumor or a tumor-like lesion that usually presents with cutaneous lesions, in form of multiple patches, plaques or nodules. It may affect mucosal sites but uncommonly affects lymph nodes and visceral organs.

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The Museum is racing to rescue the evidence of the Holocaust—archives, documents, photographs, videos, and artifacts—to help us better understand this history and to bring its lessons to future generations. The more than pages of loose-leaf paper cover the years throughwhen Rosenberg was responsible for looting valuables in lands occupied by the Nazis and planning Nazi rule of conquered Soviet territories. This expanded access will provide new insight into the politics of Nazi leaders and the mindset and behaviors of perpetrators, helping us understand how the Holocaust happened.

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Based on an examination of the role of the police in the ascendancy of the Fascist, Nazi and Falangist political movements, the structures of the police systems subsequently created, the type of police personnel operating under these regimes, and the extent of terror they employed, the article illustrates the contrasting features of the police systems concerned but looks to identify similar patterns of development that would allow the formulation of a model for the creation of systems of repression under right-wing dictatorships. This has mainly focused on Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied territories. There has also been an attempt to undertake a more thorough investigation of the Italian Fascist police.

Constantin Brancusi. The philosopher Socrates remains, as he was in his lifetime — B. All our information about him is second-hand and most of it vigorously disputed, but his trial and death at the hands of the Athenian democracy is nevertheless the founding myth of the academic discipline of philosophy, and his influence has been felt far beyond philosophy itself, and in every age.


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