Light brown vaginal discharge after c-section

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Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Your body needs time to recover, which means you may still have some symptoms for days or even weeks after delivery. One of those symptoms is postpartum bleeding.

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You can be certain that your postpartum bleeding is normal by understanding what to expect, knowing when you should contact a doctor, and recognizing the symptoms of a postpartum hemorrhage a rare but serious condition. This article was co-authored by Carrie Noriega, MD. She completed her residency at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in

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This can vary between hospitals. Sometimes it depends on how long your caesarean recovery takes. In some hospitals you can choose to go home early in the first 72 hours and have your follow-up care at home.

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Mazumdar, MD The lochia is the physiological postpartum uterine discharge consisting mainly of blood and necrotic tissue that occur during the first weeks after delivery of the baby. The discharge consists of : 1 Discharge and blood from the area on the uterine wall to which the placenta was attached during the pregnancy 2 The sloughed off endometrium which gets considerably thickened during pregnancy. The blood in the lochia comes mainly from the large raw area left on the inner uterine wall after the placenta detaches from it.

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You will have some vaginal bleeding called lochia for two to six weeks after the birth. This is normal and natural. This bleeding happens after vaginal or c-section births.

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After delivery, it is normal to have vaginal bleeding and vaginal discharge. This is called lochia. It is usually a mix of uterine tissue, mucous, and blood.

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Lochia is the vaginal discharge you have after a vaginal delivery. It has a stale, musty odor like menstrual discharge. Lochia for the first 3 days after delivery is dark red in color.

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Bleeding following a Cesarean section C-section is a normal part of recovery from childbirth. After pregnancy, your body expels leftover mucous, blood, and tissue through your vagina. This substance is known as lochia. You may experience lochia for up to six weeks, but the color and amount of the lochia will diminish with time.

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A cesarean section, also called a C-section, is an operation done to deliver your baby through your abdomen belly. It may be done when delivery through the birth canal vagina is not possible or safe for you or the baby. The cuts made in the abdomen and the uterus to deliver the baby are usually horizontal, or across.

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Blood loss at the time of delivery does not end immediately after delivery. While in the hospital, you may have noticed that you have had heavier vaginal bleeding than ever before. This will slowly taper down over the course of the next few weeks. Bright red bleeding that occurred immediately after delivery will slowly change to a darker color and eventually green and yellow.


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