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It was more than five years ago when Lance Armstrong went on Oprahlooked her in the eye, and admitted to the world that his iconic comeback story was fueled by the most comprehensive doping regimen in cycling history. Armstrong was a fiery champion, one who had succeeded in making Americans care about a far-flung sport simply because he was so dominant and so unapologetic in his mastery of it. It seemed like it was as low as he could go.

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Lance Armstrong admitted to doping throughout his cycling career during an interview with Oprah Winfrey on Thursday night. The interview, the first part of which was broadcast Thursday night on the Oprah Winfrey Network, was conducted Monday in Austin, Texas. The second part of it will air Friday night.

Lance Armstrong is telling a story. Behind the restaurant rise the lush green slopes of 10,foot Buttermilk Mountain, which in late spring is still partly covered with snow. This is their agreement. The familiar face is older now, more deeply creased, the famously electric, hazel-blue eyes offset with traces of gray hair.

But Usada told us that already. So did the Oprah interview pre-publicity. A bit like biting one's nails.

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Here are his thoughts on the suit, cycling, and his onetime rival. A t p. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app.

Postal Service teammate Floyd Landis. The federal government joined in after Armstrong publicly admitted he cheated to win the Tour de France seven times from Armstrong was stripped of those titles and banned from competition.

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I'm not accustomed to writing articles on cycling. Yes, I am an avid road-biker and finished a grueling mile ride this morning. But, I don't really follow the sport too closely until it's time for the Tour De France.

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Johan Bruyneel has poured scorn on Greg LeMond over his involvement in recent investigations into mechanical doping, labeling the American an 'asshole' and arguing that he has an unnatural obsession with tarnishing the reputation of Lance Armstrong. It is no secret that LeMond and his wife, Kathy, hardly see eye to eye with Armstrong, and both have been outspoken about the existence of motorised cheating, even working secretly with French police in They were two key interviewees on the CBS 60 Minutes investigationwhich aired at the end of last month and featured claims that motors had been used in bikes at the Tour de France.

This really chaps my ass because I used to really like the guy. He was inspirational. He beat testicular cancer, then went on to become the absolute zenith of his sport. Along the way, he started a charity and did a hell of a lot of good work ignoring all those stupid yellow bracelets.


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