Causes of facial hair loss

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In some cases, the exact cause of facial hair in women is never known and the condition often runs in families. Most women have fine, light-colored, and barely noticeable thin hairs called vellus hairs that grow above the lips, on the chin, chest, abdomen, or backā€”this is usually referred to as peach fuzz and is normally developed in childhood. Some causes of excess androgen productions, and thus hirsutism, may include the following conditions:.

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Facial hair loss is unexpected, unwanted or uncontrolled disappearance of facial hair. In men, this form of hair loss commonly occurs as symptom of an autoimmune condition called alopecia barbae. You also might develop facial hair loss if you have an impulse-control disorder called trichotillomania or if you have a chronic autoimmune disease called lupus.

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While having thick and dark hair on the face is a normal effect of hormones in men, for women it's a condition called hirsutism that can appear for a variety of reasons. The most common is excessive production of androgens, caused by a hormonal imbalance. This can appear as a result of things like stress, menopause, and obesity, but also because of medical conditions like Polycystic ovarian syndrome, characterized by multiple cysts in the ovaries which cause a deficient hormonal production, and adrenal gland disorders, which affect the production of a variety of hormones like cortisol.

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Alopecia areata is a health condition that causes hair loss. Alopecia barbae is a specific form of alopecia areata that affects the beard. Usually, it comes on suddenly and you begin losing beard hair in small circular patches.

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There is a close relationship between infection outbreaks on teeth and the presence of alopecia areata or localized alopecia, a type of hair loss which has an unknown origin. Alopecia areata starts with bald patches on the scalp, and sometimes elsewhere on the body. The disease occurs in males and females of all ages, and experts believe that it affects 1 out people.

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Should I be worried? In a word, Mike: no. A 28 Days Later viral outbreak, this is not.

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Stress and hair loss don't have to be permanent. If you get your stress under control, your hair might grow back. If you notice sudden or patchy hair loss or more than usual hair loss when combing or washing your hair, talk to your doctor.

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The discovery of the odd hair on your chin is perfectly normal and usually not a cause for concern. Shifting hormones, aging, and even genetics could be behind a few chin hairs that stand out. Excess coarse facial hair in women could be a sign of a medical condition that requires treatments.

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Rob Callahan lives in Minneapolis, where he covers style, culture and the arts for Vita. Hair loss is an expected phase of the hair growth cycle -- facial hair included. So it's normal to see whiskers fall out when you wash or comb your beard. Typically this loss is shedding, or the loss of hairs that have completed their life cycle.


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