Tantric sex and kama sutra

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Believed to date back 5, years, Tantric sex is an ancient Eastern spiritual practice. Like yoga or Zen, its purpose is enlightenment—and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life. And when Shiva male energy and Shakti female energy join in one sexual union, it's believed to be the highest point of enlightenment.

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Tantra is a mystical subject that is nearly impossible to define. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science that is not static in its definition. Above all, we can learn to use Tantric energy for sexual pleasure and awareness.

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In fact, when defined in its simplest form, tantric sex merely means to mold together different energies — meaning, those vibes you're giving and the ones your lucky lady is sending off your way. Still not sold? No problem. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about tantric sex — straight from the experts who have studied its ancient practices extensively.

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The carvings on this temple and others in the Khajuraho Group of Monuments are widely believed to depict acts of Tantric sex and have become relatively well known, if also misunderstood, in the West for that very reason. Ayurveda is strongly influenced by Tantric spiritual traditions, and so I teach a very brief introduction to those traditions as part of my course. Wikimedia Commons An illustration depicting sexual intercourse, taken from the Kama Sutraan ancient Hindu text.

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We want to avoid pornography, and to avoid showing anything graphic have censored even the illustrations. This will not make everyone happy, but again this is for educational purposes only. All images are from the web and are copyright of respective owners and holders.

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There are two ancient concepts — together they are believed to make up the essence of life. These concepts are Tantra and Sutra. In ancient eastern religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism different religions favored one side or the other and this caused a lot of confusion throughout history.

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One of the wonders of the east that always fascinated the Victorian British was the place of sex in Indian culture and society. He was a demonic fighter who engaged in single combat with ferocity. But, whilst in India, he took an enormous interest in Indian culture, history and religion.

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All rights reserved. The Kama Sutrais the earliest surviving example of a written Hindu love-manual. It was compiled by the Indian sage Vatsyayana sometime between the second and fourth centuries A.

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For most people, this much sex sounds unappealing. But in today's practice, tantra and kama sutra are inevitably interwoven, and one is pretty much a solid companion of the other. You don't have to be a practicing Buddhist or spiritualist to engage in and benefit from the acts of tantra during sex.


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