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By Emma Young. Circumcised women experience sexual arousal and orgasm as frequently as uncircumcised women, according to a study in Nigeria. The researchers also found no difference in the frequency of intercourse or age of first sexual experience between the two groups of women.

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The book has a website at www. To date no study has investigated whether this dramatic alteration in the male genitalia affects the sexual pleasure experienced by the female partner or whether a woman can physically discern the difference between a penis with a foreskin. The impact that male circumcision has on the overall sexual experience for either partner is unknown.

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Jump to navigation. They promise you a chocolate, a movie or just an outing; they take you instead to dingy, dark room, pin you to a bed, take off your pants and cut that tiny part of you that was eventually supposed to make you experience one of the greatest pleasures of being a woman. With blades, knives or anything remotely sharp and long, they cut off your clitoris, and say it's in the name of culture.

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Updated April 05, It wasn't until she was in her early 20s that Jools realised there was something not quite right about her clitoris. It wasn't until her adoptive mother — a "conservative Christian fundamentalist" — "muttered" some comments under her breath that Jools realised she'd been subjected to female genital mutilation FGM. Last year, Jools, now 50, became the first woman in Australia to undergo restorative clitoris surgery.

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Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. A better explanation, the foreskin keeps a balanced pH inside for better health as part of the immune system.

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A primary goal of FGM is respectability by means of sexual oppression. This intact reputation is what makes her desirable to a husband, allowing her to lead a comfortable adult life, justifying the continuation of the practice. Of the women polled at the clinic, half had experienced FGM and half had not, and it was found that women who had undergone FGM were no more likely to experience pain during sex or a lessened desire for sex.

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While vaginal dryness is considered an indicator for female sexual arousal disorder, 1,2 male circumcision may exacerbate female vaginal dryness during intercourse. Presence of the movable foreskin makes a difference in foreplay, being more arousing to the female. We conducted a survey of 35 female sexual partners aged 18 to 69 years who had experienced sexual intercourse with both circumcised and genitally intact men.

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Three days after Sarian Karim Kamara was cut, she was permitted to remove the cloth that covered her aching genitals. The thenyear-old had struggled so much during the procedure that the witch doctor stopped the traditional practice midway. That same day, women in the community dragged the little girl back to the bondo bush, the area designated for female circumcision, and held her down once more.

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In the nineteenth through the mid-twentieth centuries, American physicians treated women and girls for masturbation by removing the clitoris clitoridectomy or clitoral hood female circumcision. During this same time, and continuing to today, physicians also performed female circumcision to enable women to reach orgasm. While the opposite purposes of these clitoral surgeries to either contain a perceived excessive sexuality or to remedy a perceived lack of sexual responsiveness may seem paradoxical, their use reflects a consistent medical conception of the clitoris as a sexual organ. In recent years both the popular media and academics have commented on the rising popularity in the United States of female genital cosmetic surgeries, including female circumcision, yet these discussions often assume such surgeries are new.


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