Adult bed wetting possible causes

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Bed-wetting is often associated with childhood. Indeed, up to one-quarter of children experience problems with nocturnal enuresis, or urinating while asleep. Most children grow out of the condition when their bladders become larger and better developed.

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Find a Sleep Center. Use the following fields to locate sleep centers in your area. Sleep Product Guide.

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About two out of every one hundred teenagers and young adults wet the bed at night. This is called nocturnal enuresis. It can be a problem for both young men and women.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. An estimated 5 to 10 percent of 5-year-olds experience enuresis, along with 3 to 5 percent of year-olds and 1 percent of year-olds, according to the DSM

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There's no shame in recognizing that you have a problem with adult bedwetting. In fact, accepting that your body is not functioning the way you'd like it to is the first step towards treatment - and you'll be happy to hear that real, effective treatments are available. Simply put, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't have a dry night - and that includes you.

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Nocturnal enuresisdefined as nighttime bedwetting beyond age 5, affects many school-age children and even some teens. It's not a serious health problem, and children usually outgrow it. Still, bedwetting can be upsetting for children and parents.

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Losing urine by accident is the main sign of a bladder control problem. Your child may often have wet or stained underwear—or a wet bed. Nighttime wetting is normal for many children—and is often not considered a health problem at all—especially when it runs in the family.

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Place referral orders on your computer or mobile device and track order status for all your orders in real time. According to the National Association for Continence, about two percent of adults experience bedwetting, but researchers think the statistic may be underreported due to shame and embarrassment. If you suffer from bedwetting, it is important to seek advice and explore various treatments that can help lessen the occurrence. Bedwetting can cause many problems such as constantly having to change wet bedding, affecting sleep patterns and putting a strain on your self-esteem.

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Bed-wetting that starts in adulthood secondary enuresis is uncommon and requires medical evaluation. Erik P. Castle, M.

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