Taking pleasure in others misfortunes

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Ina year-old man named Darren stabbed himself to death at his home in Leicester, England. The man bought a new jacket he thought was stab-proof and was testing his theory out. So answer honestly: Did you smile when you read it?

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R ecently I went to my corner shop to buy some milk. I found myself pausing by the celebrity gossip magazines. There was the cellulite, the weight gained and lost, the bingo wings circled in red.

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When I hear a word not commonly used in my vernacular twice in a period of a few days, I know I need not wait for a third time to explore the concept. It may seem like human nature to wish ill will on someone who wreaks havoc or does harm to others. Better not to evoke bad karma.

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Maybe when your annoying coworker fell out of his chair. Maybe when your know-it-all classmate got a bad mark on a test. Maybe when your loud neighbors got their power cut off.

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Picture, if you will, a beautiful pageant-hopeful; she is tall and poised, with long golden hair that cascades softly down her shoulders. Her makeup is impeccable, and her smile is warm and, well, perfect. Upton became a huge web sensation after she botched a question regarding what her thoughts were on why a fifth of Americans could not locate the United States on a world map.

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Schadenfreude is a complex emotion, where rather than feeling sympathy towards someone's misfortune, schadenfreude evokes joyful feelings that take pleasure from watching someone fail. This emotion is displayed more in children than adults; however, adults also experience schadenfreude, though generally concealed. Schadenfreude is borrowed from German ; it is a compound of Schaden"damage, harm", and Freude"joy".

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. In the Name of Love.

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Schadenfreude is often thought of as something immoral to the core. Behind the gloating half-smile there seems to be a malicious wish to see others suffer. All the same, it is nevertheless considered quite normal to read fairy tales to children, where the evil witch is pushed into the oven or the big bad wolf falls into the well, and rejoice that the story had such an ending. But here, too, we are dealing with pleasure at the misfortunes of others.

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What are the positive aspects of schadenfreude? Can it benefit an individual in some ways? It is a pleasure, first and foremost - and this reminds us that it does play an important role for us.

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After having the issue taken away from them intheir schadenfreude has been epic. There was no shortage of schadenfreudewith Democrats joyfully noting just how dumb those silly, delusional Republicans were. Across the aisle, France's majority Socialist Party has restrained its schadenfreude. Maybe if you stare long enough at the catastrophe, you might work through your schadenfreude to its opposite: empathy.


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