Signs an adult is mentally challenged

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Andrea Agnew has been writing professionally since She is pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership, policy and law at Alabama State University. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the intellectually disabled have considerable intellectual deficits as evidenced by substandard IQ scores.

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Learning the shared symptoms of autism and mental retardation can help you seek a correct diagnosis. Autism and mental retardation are two separate neurological conditions with some similar symptoms and important differences. Parents sometimes have trouble getting a correct diagnosis when a child has severe autism or mental retardation because of shared characteristics that deal with developmental delays, communication problems, learning difficulties and self-care.

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Intellectual Disability formerly termed Mental Retardation is an impairment of cognitive skills, adaptive life skills, and social skills. Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities are slower to learn new skills and concepts than their peers, but with the assistance of a supportive educational system are often able to live independently as adults. The condition ranges in severity from mild to profound.

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This is a corrected version of the article that appeared in print. See related patient information handout on mental retardationwritten by the authors of this article. The condition is present in 2 to 3 percent of the population, either as an isolated finding or as part of a syndrome or broader disorder. Causes of mental retardation are numerous and include genetic and environmental factors.

Autism is not a disorder that has not the same severity for every individual having it, so it affects individuals differently. In the extreme conditions of autism, epilepsy, sleeping problems, mental retardation and aggression can be observed. Children with mental retardation may exhibit autistic behavior although they do not show all the symptoms of autism.

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Mental retardation with a comorbid bipolar affective disorder and its treatment with lithium: a case report. Full Text. According to the literature, bipolar affective disorders are among the least studied psychiatric disorders in MR.

There are several types of classifications and assessments that may be useful when working with people with intellectual disabilities. These may address the following areas:. A person with intellectual disabilities is therefore considerably more likely to have an additional mental disorder than the average person from the general population.

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The second diagnostic criterion is deficient adaptive functioning. Adaptive functioning refers to the skills needed to live independently in a safe and socially responsible manner. There are three essential sets of skills. The first is conceptual skills.

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Their brain may also not function within the normal range of both intellectual and adaptive functioning. In the past, medical professionals called this Read More.

As the population of people with mental retardation ages, concerns about dementia are becoming far more common. If a person is elderly or has Down syndrome, almost any change in behavior raises concern among family and other caregivers about the possibility of Alzheimer disease AD. This paper will review the definition of the dementia syndrome, and some of its causes, and will discuss ways of differentiating between dementia and other causes of behavioral changes. The elements of an appropriate dementia evaluation will be discussed.


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