Breast cancer t63 stain

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Is Micro-invasive Carcinoma Present? Radial Scar versus Tubular Carcinoma iv. Papillary Lesions 6.

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When your breast was biopsied, the samples taken were studied under the microscope by a specialized doctor with many years of training called a pathologist. The pathologist sends your doctor a report that gives a diagnosis for each sample taken. Information in this report will be used to help manage your care.

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The biological characteristics of the tumour are used to estimate prognosis and select appropriate systemic therapy for patients with breast cancer. The advent of molecular technology has incorporated new biomarkers along with immunohistochemical and serum biomarkers. Immunohistochemical markers are often used to guide treatment decisions, to classify breast cancer into subtypes that are biologically distinct and behave differently, and both as prognostic and predictive factors.

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BLCAP is ubiquitously expressed in different tissues, and several studies have found differential expression of BLCAP in various cancer types, such as cervical and renal cancer, as well as human tongue carcinoma and osteosarcoma. We analyzed by immunohistochemistry tissue sections of normal and malignant specimens collected from clinical high-risk breast cancer patients within the Danish Center for Translational Breast Cancer Research DCTB prospective study dataset. The staining pattern, the distribution of the immunostaining, and its intensity were studied in detail.

Immunoreactivity is nuclear. In normal tissues, expression was restricted to epithelial cells of stratified epithelia, such as skin, esophagus, exocervix, tonsil, and bladder, and to certain subpopulations of basal cells in glandular structures of prostate and breast, as well as in bronchi 4. In keratinocytes, the expresed isoform is D Np63which presumably maintains epithelial cell proliferation 8.

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Breast Cancer. It has recently been confirmed that p63 is expressed in the basal cells of normal prostate glands but not in prostatic carcinomas. Whether expression of p63 in breast correlates with tumor progression is the focus of this study.


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