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After sex, if an egg has been fertilized it will travel into the uterus and implant itself in the wall. Once implanted in the uterine wall, the pregnancy hormone will begin to appear in your urine. If you think you might be pregnant, you'll want to know for sure as soon as possible.

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She is a stay-at-home mom to four and was a teacher. When you are trying to conceive and have a baby, you might constantly imagine you're experiencing pregnancy symptoms. You start to feel the best-known pregnancy symptoms first: nausea, bloated belly, bigger breasts, the urge to use the bathroom every 5 minutes, etc.

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A pregnancy test can only detect hCG and give a positive result when there's enough of the hormone in your system. This means you can take most tests from the day you miss your period. If your periods were irregular you might not be sure when this.

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There are endless reasons for why we have sex—physical pleasure, comfort, validation, revenge. Another good excuse? The fireworks you experience between the sheets can also light up your brain. Better still, sex can help boost your mental well-being.

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I had vaginal protected sex with a woman. After I finished I noticed two dry blood stains in my groin area. She was starting to have her period.

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My period was so late that I took a pregnancy test, but it came back negative. The period arrived a few days later. Why does this happen?

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In natural cycles, women conceive when intercourse takes place during a six-day period ending on the day of ovulation. The current practice in intrauterine insemination IUI cycles is to perform the IUI hours after the hCG administration, when the ovulation is already imminent. In this study hCG was administered after the IUI, which more closely resembles the fertilisation process in natural cycles.

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Harville, A. Wilcox, D. Baird, C. We explore this in a prospective study of early pregnancy.

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Your breasts will probably become a bit more tender in the early months of pregnancy. As early as two weeks after getting pregnant, your hormones undergo a lot of changes, making your breasts feel tender and tingly. During early pregnancy, your nipples may also become sore.

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From the very beginning of pregnancy, the fetus produces a hormone called hCG, or, human Chorionic Gondotrophin. The levels of hCG increase as your pregnancy progresses, peaking at around weeks, before dropping to a lower level at 12 and 16 weeks. At 12 days past ovulation, you should be able to detect around 50mIU and at 14 days past ovulation, mIU.


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