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Rabia De Latour, M. It first gained traction in the early aughts after adult film actress Tabitha Stevens had her anus bleached on the unscripted series Dr. Around the same time, U.

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Think — real deep. Instead, whitening your asshole is entirely acceptable for us common folk too. Here are some common questions new bleachers have before joining the bleachbutt club:.

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To paraphrase Bruno Mars, "Your butthole's amazing, just the way it is. Rest assured, it's totally normal for that area to be darker than other parts. It's supposed to be that color for a reason.

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Spas offer a lot of below-the-belt treatments: bikini waxes, laser hair removal, vaginal rejuvenation Anal bleaching is the process of applying chemicals to the skin around the anus or vulva, or underarm, or areola in order to lighten the naturally deeper pigmentation. A completely cosmetic procedure, anal bleaching products traditionally use hydroquinone or kojic acid to lighten the anus over time. To be fair, the bleaching you'd have done at a spa will involve much lower doses, she says, but there haven't been any formal studies evaluating the dangers.

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WOULD you be brave enough to try out anal bleaching? The bizarre trend was sparked after celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Charlotte Crosby and Sophie Kasaei revealed they have lightened their behinds. The procedure involves lightening the colour of the skin around the anus.

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This XR Brands Anal Bleach is an optimal choice for people who want to whiten and brighten the anal area. This powerful formula gently bleaches your skin to create visual results, leaving your area lighter than before. Made with vitamin C, which contains antioxidants that encourage cellular renewal, boost collagen, improve skin tone and help to correct excess pigmentation, this personal care produce is efficient and easy to use.

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You will feel much more confident during sex and your partner will find you more attractive than ever before! Partner won't stop thinking about your sexy pink little anus! Fast lightening qualities!

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One popular method uses chemical peels or creams to break down melanin, natural pigments in the skin. These products can also reduce the number of melanin-producing cells around your anus. Laser treatments are another popular technique. Lasers can destroy excess melanin and slow pigment creation.

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I was in L. I assumed this ritual was for dealing with a parasite. But no—Suzanne was given the treatment as a gift from the movie star who employed her.

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Anal bleaching to the rescue! But then, disappointment comes sometimes when one discovers that the parts of the body which are always covered are not as they are supposed to be. The skin on the private parts is naturally darker than the rest of the body and would not seem to be a great problem.