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By super saiyan weegeeMarch 25, in Video Games. Because this forum needed it, I present to you:. Oh God this game, this game, this great, great, great game.

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If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Restore health. Additional health.

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If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Stand near a pedestrian. Then, double jump near a pedestrian or partner.

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Everytime you would lose all of your underwear, collect underwear, or drown then respawn, this inappropriate message will show in the logs. Version Differences There are some graphical differences in the Xbox version of the game that the other versions don't have. The robots and shiny objects have a 'shinier' quality to them, particularly the Ham-Mer's ham.

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Well there are most just in downtown and some in the rooftops just look around but there are two which is a bit weird in the spiky thing i can't remember what it's called because it was ages ago but it's one of the barriers to get through in bikini bottom and it's the one with the building with the spike coming out the top and two are in there: : : hope i helped:. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Username: Password: Register.

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It was the last game to be developed by BigSky Interactive, Inc. The game was released in North America in latewhile in Europe it was released in One day, SpongeBob wakes up and begins playing fetch with Garyleading the snail to dig up a treasure chest.

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The game tasks the player with defending Bikini Bottom from an invasion of robots created by Plankton with a machine called the Duplicatotronwhilst playing as SpongeBobPatrickand Sandy. The Windows version features a series of mini-games and greatly differs from the console versions. Players control SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick except in the GBA version, where you only control SpongeBob through a number of locations such as Jellyfish Fields, and can switch between characters at bus stops throughout the game. Core gameplay involves collecting items and defeating the robots which have attacked Bikini Bottom, whilst crossing platforms and avoiding environmental hazards like spikes and flames.

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When you start the game go to continue and put in the password c and you will have every level and should have some picures in the photo album! Once you get 75 golden spatulas and beat the last boss and spongebob's brain, you get to go to a Spongeball Arena. OK First make sure you have the Cruise Bubble then doge the swipe by jumping and to avoid the chop jump from platform to platform quickly.

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