Hairy eyeball definition

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Just checking Just who is examining whom? Ann Moody, assistant to zoo veterinarian Dr. Michael Schmidt, makes her rounds every day in helping to protect the health of nearly animals.

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How to get rid of puffy eyes? After partying all night, I woke up with puffy eyes. I have an important appointment today, how can I get rid of it?

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You might think of tumors as amorphous balls of cells growing out of control. But did you know that they can have differentiated tissues inside of them? Some tumors grow sweat glands, hair, and even teeth.

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Privacy Terms. Skip to content Wordwizard For lovers of the English Language. Where did "give the hairy eyeball" come from? This formerly read-only archive of threads dates back tobut as of March is open to new postings.

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What does you can take that fake apology and shove it right up your hairy For example, a fake apology or an unwelcome suggestion. You should apologize.

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A feeling of sexual excitement. The expression originates from the similarity between the erect penis and a horn, however it is now firmly unisexual in usage. Sexually desirable.

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Last month, almost 10 months before his presidency comes to an end, President Barack Obama broke new grounds in diplomacy. Flying to Havana, ending 88 years of foreign relations apartheid vis-a-vis Cuba, he tried to put the last nail in the Cold War coffin. It was at the height of the Cuban crisis that eyeball to eyeball, no newcomer to the English lexicon, became an iconic expression of the Cold War.

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The two countries were eyeball to eyeball in a tense standoff for almost a year. For many this can be totally doable, while those averse to numbers might rather just eyeball their portions. Hedren narrowly missed having an eyeball clawed out during one take. Behind the scenes, two tough female cable-network heads are counting on their star proxies to deliver every eyeball they can.

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The numerical value of hairy eyeball in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6. Word in Definition. Wiktionary 0.

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What does Hairy eyeball mean? Hairy eyeball means to examine someone or something closely. Was it useful?


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