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The rapid detection of facial expressions of anger or threat has obvious adaptive value. In this study, we examined the efficiency of facial processing by means of a visual search task. Participants searched displays of schematic faces and were required to determine whether the faces displayed were all the same or whether one was different.

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Facial expressions: Anger. By Hanan Parvez. This lowering and drawing together of the eyebrows forms wrinkles on the forehead, just above the nose and the eyebrows.

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In the U. But while these particular pieces of body language differ wildly in meaning depending on where they take place, the response to an offensive gesture anywhere in the world will likely look the same: nostrils flared, lips thinned, chin pushed up and out. In other words, the natural human anger face.

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Linton Weeks. You know the look. After all, the Angry Face, according to a recent studyis pretty much the same all over the world.

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The anger expression employs seven distinct muscle groups that contract in a highly stereotyped manner. The researchers wanted to understand why evolution chose those particular muscle contractions to signal the emotional state of anger. The current research is part of a larger set of studies that examine the evolutionary function of anger.

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When you are looking at pictures angry faces, it's easy to see that these people are upset because anger is generally expressed in universal ways. Furrowed brows, deep frowns or scowls and looks of aggression can all be accurate signs of anger on a person's face. Learn how to recognize various signs of anger.

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From the plains of Russia to the beaches of Brazil, anger shows itself in a tell-tale facial display involving lowered brow, snarled nose, raised chin and thinned lips. A popular view has it that, besides reliably conveying anger, this particular constellation of facial movements is arbitrary and serves no other function. A team of evolutionary psychologists led by Aaron Sell disagrees.

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When we get angry, we all tend to make the same face -- lowering our eyebrows, clenching our jaws, and flaring our nostrils. But as to why people all around the world make that same angry face, scientists really weren't quite sure. A new study suggests that our facial expression of anger evolved because it made us appear physically stronger.

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Michael P. Ewbank, Caroline Jennings, Andrew J. Calder; Why are you angry with me?

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It is said that when you put up an angry face, you use much more facial muscles than when you have a happy face. But is it true? Is it really easier to smile than to growl? There are other muscles in play too, but these are the major ones.


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