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Consuming commercial formulas is perfectly acceptable for short-term use of a feeding tube. However, if you will be using a tube long-term, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor or nutritionist about blending your meals—then purchase a high-end blender, like a Vitamix! Until recently the past thirty years or soblended diets were the only way to get food via the tube.

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If you cannot eat sufficient quantities of food to meet nutritional needs, then feeding can be given through a tube into the stomach or small bowel to provide adequate nutrients. There are a variety of tube feeding formulas on the market. They are made by several different companies.

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When I tell people that I have a feeding tube, most of the time I get looks of disbelief. I have married my high school sweetheart and seen my confidence and self-esteem grow like never before. My personal and professional life has been flourishing for the past two and a half years.

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The care of elderly persons in chronic care nursing wards is generally complicated by nutritional problems such as weight loss and worsening protein status. An inability or refusal of the patient to consume enough food often necessitates the use of expensive commercial formulas for nutritional support. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the use of an in-house high-protein, milk-based low-cost formula with added minerals and vitamins for total nutritional support would be effective in maintaining weight and protein status of patients in the long term. Participants were recruited from five nursing care units of a single geriatric facility.

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Previously, he had been following the fifth percentile for weight, despite being at the 50th percentile for height. His medical history was notable for eczema, iron-deficiency anemia and bronchitis. He unintentionally lost 4.

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If you can swallow safely and you need nutrition support, you may be offered nutrition support by mouth orally. Your healthcare professional should work with you to ensure your diet contains varying amounts of the following nutrients to meet your needs:. Your healthcare professional will help you make changes to your current diet.

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Nasogastric NG tube feeding is used as a form of nutritional supplementation and rehabilitation in a variety of medical settings. It requires the insertion of a tube through the nasal passage, down the esophagus, and into the stomach. Nutrition is delivered directly to the stomach either in bolus one large infusion of liquid food delivered over a minute period or continuously over an hour period via a pump.

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Have you tried switching to higher calorie formula? Also I know that there are people who use duo cal with their formula to boost calories this may be an option. I have looked everywhere and can only find the calorie Glucerna advanced formula. I know there are others out there with additional calories but I have been told that the carbs and sugar are so high that they might severely affect my blood sugars.

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Jump to content. Your body needs nutrition to stay strong and help you live a healthy life. If you're unable to eat, or if you have an illness that makes it hard to swallow food, you may need a feeding tube.

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Would you eat only through a feeding tube inserted in your nose? As unusual and inconvenient as that sounds, the feeding-tube dietalso known as the K-E diet, is the latest fad among brides who are looking to slim down before their big day. The diet trend employs the same kind of feeding tube that doctors use in the hospital to nourish psychiatric patients who refuse to eat or those with physical conditions that prevent them from eating normally; coma and stroke patients depend on feeding tubes to survive, for instance. Experts recommend that healthy adult women consume about 2, to 2, calories daily.


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