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Instead of the usual urine streaked decor, this urinal has women painted on the wall, all waiting to judge you on the length of your penis. Men with a deep seated fear that their manhood is less than adequate may think twice about using this toilet. The images range from an attractive cheerleader-type wielding a tape measure, to a granny who had thought she'd seen everything - until she saw the size of your member.

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I have been minorly obsessed with urinals for some time now. There are many questions I have pondered for years. Such as: How is it that the males of the species just stand together in groups, with penis in hand, peeing?

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A new invention sees soapy water administered for three seconds to clean the area - and it's even cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A hi-tech urinal which can wash and dry the penis after it's been used is being developed by an invention team. The bathroom gadget 'Urinary 2.

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If you're a straight man who thinks it's bad enough that women in nightclubs are judging your looks, it might make you pee shy to find they're judging your junk in the bathroom, too. At Foundry Nightclub at the Dinn Ri Hotel complex in County Carlow, Ireland, a bathroom display shows pictures of women standing in front of urinals, looking down in a way that indicates they're judging the user's penis size. One woman holds a tape measure, anxious to measure, while another, older-looking woman looks utterly shocked.

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Trips to public bathrooms are generally unpleasant experiences. Shorn of the consideration people would normally show for private residences, people use public bathrooms as a space to allow their dirtiest habits free reign. If you want to add awkwardness to this experience, pop into a full male bathroom and try use the urinal.

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Do you remember when the toilet that washed and dried your arse came into the market a few years back? Fair enough? Although Japan doesn't like sex, it does love a good water shoot up the arsehole. It's the future, that!

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Wikimedia Commons The candiru fish, in an drawing. Of all of the beasts that prowl the Amazonnone is more feared by the locals than the candiru. A river monster feared even above the dreaded piranha; the candiru waits for its unsuspecting prey to step into the river before latching onto it.

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Gravity pulls urine through the liquid, but odors and sewer gases are trapped below. When the urine level reaches the height of the drain, it spills over and empties into the outbound sewer pipe. I appreciate that Peter Grundy, the graphic designer, shows us the macro-scale first and then leaves the detailed working of the smaller catchment valve to the subsequent three panels.


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