Ovulation and vaginal discharge

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If you notice egg white vaginal discharge, you are likely about to ovulate. Egg white cervical mucus is the most fertile kind of cervical mucus, and it is frequently abbreviated as EWCM on fertility charts and in trying to conceive forums. While cervical mucus changes throughout a woman's cycle, EWCM is the most fertile and signals the best time to have sex for pregnancy.

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Wet discharge generally looks white or transparent. When it dries, the liquid evaporates from it, leaving a white or yellowish solid that can be covered with a crust. Any mucous membrane needs moisturizing.

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Unexpected marks in your underwear? In most cases, vaginal discharge is completely normal, but it can sometimes indicate something is amiss. We speak to Karen Morton, gynaecologist and obstetrician at Dr Morton's — the medical helpline about the six most common causes of vaginal discharge, so you know when to relax and when to worry:.

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Have you ever noticed that your vaginal discharge changes as you move through your menstrual cycle? You may have heard about ovulation discharge that happens in tandem with an egg releasing each month, but there are even more nuances to how discharge can change with your period. These changes in color and thickness are associated with ovulation and help to create conditions that are favorable for fertilization of the egg.

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Read on for more info on what clear, stretchy discharge could mean for your body. Ovulation refers to the point in the middle of your cycle when your body releases an egg for potential fertilization. As you approach this point in your cycle, cervical mucus production increases.

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Learn more about the physical signs of ovulation, including cramps, cervical mucus, discharge and other symptoms that can predict you're ovulating. If you're trying to get pregnant, learning to recognize the signs of ovulation can be a key factor in your success. Ovulation is the process by which your body releases one or more eggs from your ovary.

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Cervical mucus probably isn't something you think about too often, but if you're trying to conceive or are already pregnant, maybe you should. That's because the texture, color and volume of your cervical mucus can all provide important clues about your fertility and can help you pinpoint the best time to try to get pregnant, along with playing an important role in your pregnancy. Cervical mucus is a discharge secreted to keep your cervix the narrow, lower end of the uterus that opens during childbirth moist and protected, especially around the time of ovulation.

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You may want to look at their policies. All of us women know it: Vaginal discharge. It serves a super important function, namely to protect us from infections and other things. But we might not always like the wet feeling in our undies.

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Hormonal changes throughout a woman's reproductive cycle change the amount and consistency of this mucus. Cervical mucus may also be called cervical fluids. Your vaginal discharge is fertile when it resembles raw egg whites.

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Cervical mucus is fluid or gel-like discharge from the cervix. This is because of hormone levels fluctuating throughout your cycle. Hormones stimulate glands in the cervix to produce mucus. Cervical mucus can help you predict ovulation, so you can track the mucus to help achieve or avoid pregnancy.


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