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Sit back down imma explain it to you Imma explain it to you like All this shit, what you wanna hear bout bruh? Shit, let a nigga know I ain't been shit since I been out Shits brazy in here man Molly, Molly Molly, Molly Let me tell you something Niggas in the gram, niggas in that bitch to turn to snitch Niggas in that bitch suckin' dick Hold up wait a minute we ain't really on that bullshit Nigga I will hit you with the stick I was in that bitch wildin' with them motherfuckin' jits Who got the plugs on them sticks? All bout that skrilla I was locked up wit them gorillas And I ran into a couple killas Ran into Lil Cory yeah that nigga really on the shit And he's throwing L's in that bitch I was locked up, nigga, year in that bitch Damn near failed in that bitch School wasn't shit easy ass work in that shit Easy ass work in that shit Staff sucking dick, staff in that bitch fuck the clique Staff trynna twerk in that shit All these hoes shit many niggas in there ain't shit Man them pussy niggas they're fake These niggas hate these niggas smile in your face Probably spray your ass with the rake Hold up wait, wait.

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Yg the rapper don't trick, but yg the rapper got dick Yg in a porsche getting' bang from a slut That I cracked on the bus, I don't give a fuck, nigga what? Mustard on the beat so you know they gettin' plucked Fucked like I've been watchin' pornhub on dust Fuck you from the back with your ass up Pussy gettin' mashed up, smashed up, mashed like potatoes. Shake it out, aye though! Bitch named vaughna ass stacked like legos I just wanna fuck, fuck all that soft shit Her nigga got limp, what's that?

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I'll shit on it I bought a fuckin' whale, cause I'm ballin' Your bitch work for me, she my dish washer Swag on my dick, 30 thousand million, nigga. We all know why, cause you's a boppin' bitch I got a burner, I pop you in your lip Zoom-zoom, yeah, I'm going fast bitch I'm loud as fuck, I'm ignorant Beat your bitch in her mouth just for talkin' shit You lurkin' bitch? Well, I see that shit Once again I gotta punch a bitch in her shit I'm icy bitch, don't look at my wrist Because if you do, I might blind you bitch Mount Everest ain't fuckin' with my fuckin' wrist Fuck global warming, this the Ice Age bitch.

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Talking: 1- Kaos 2- Kemo 3- Neesa "Whuts up dogg" 1- Whuts crackin "Ay dogg ay, see that girl over therre man" Dogg got that bitch number the other week dogg, the first Time we go someplace bitch talkin bout "can I pay this can I pay that" 1- Ha ha ha ha ha ha 2- Bitch got a fat ol' ass though 3- Whuts up fellas, whuts up whuts up wit y'all 1- Whuts up Neesa? Louis full of bitches that want us to say "I do" but uh bitch suck dick 2- Man fuck this shit, anotha nigga talkin shit Beat his ass wit a walking stick, put his ass in a coffin and shit Let em know we from that STL and uh suck dick bitch 1- Bitch fuck you, you got my dick all in ya mouth wit my nuts too I'm bout to bust too, rhymes in ya thinkin cap, take you back to when You wasn't on my dick but now bitch suck dick 2- Here I come mo, wit my ding-a-ling, remember when you wasn't Even trippin off my tongue rings, now you all up on my nutsack I'm bout to stick my dick in ya buttcrack suck dick bitch. Verse 2: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos 1- They say I ain't right, just cuz my game tight Enough to meet y'all hoes to fuck y'all bitches on the same night Tryin to kiss a nigga, tryin to put ya lips on a nigga But y'all bitches suck dick 2- Damn right mo, you got too much fuckin chaos in yo life ho Runnin yo mouth everyday about cats, and the only fuckin thing I got to say about is uh suck dick bitch 1- Herre you come again, runnin up to me I'm cool on y'all Funky breath niggaz fuckin wit me, when you comin out, And yo shit droppin uhhh bitch suck dick 2- Get you named now, you know our game now you gotta go I know it's all about the fame now, that's why my dicks off in yo brain now That's why you let us run that train huh suck dick bitch.

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Chorus its all good, its allright, fuck all day fuck all night, call my bitches cuz wherever i go, yall my bitches east to the west coast all my bitches. Yo chickens is good for tha pluckin, so im stickin bitches fuckin, got em trickin while they suckin, give em dick and they be buggin, ive done it all to mackin 2 hoez on tha three way, dominican hoz on leyway, country hoez an v8, and they all say the same about my game iz tight, das why every night a different coupe of bitches start a fight, over some dick that they dont even own, all im givin em iz de bone, blowin up da niggaz phone but aint nobody home, im in tha zone tryin to do thangz but it turnz into a tru thang, wassup gurlfriend u game? Flocks bitches by the dozen, frum sistahs to cuzinz, got em doin shit they say they wuzzint, their gonna do it knowin i fuck tha bitch that she waz supposed to, still gave up the ass and doe she said she was supposed to, pitches of bitches in flicks and chicks, they own the baddest hoz, suckin dick, its the dawg in me that makes me do wrong, an hunnies cant help but get strung, cuz the game iz too strong, i like em greedy, black like eadie, eyes beady, willin to give to tha needy, an i ran thru em all from around the way bitches, outta state hoz, an gettin bitch ritchez, all i tell em iz lemme get dat, den itz on, knock da mutha fucka, poof, den im gone, i got da white bitches tellin me "itza black thang", couldnt lay dat ho witout plenty of doe and plently of back pain.

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Check it out This track is goin out to anybody who think they all that When you ain't shit. That's why the Undercover Lover got your wife now While you be fuckin around with someone outta town I got your girl up in the telly on her belly down Doggy style, hot water couldn't get me off Whenever he gives her money, honey hits me off I get the cash, I make her hit the stash When I'm finished hittin that ass I break out like a rash So there's no need for me to jeal' your clientele Why sweat the next man because the lives well? I know you're gettin paid and supposed to have it made But your girl's gettin laid, so who's gettin played? The way I figure I guess my dick is bigger And even with loot you'se a crab-ass nigga Picture me jockin, cause that'll be a flick See, niggas in the Bronx don't suck no dick.


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