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The Bus Driver shuffles a deck of cards and deals 5 cards face down on the table. They will then ask the Rider whether the last card dealt is red or black. If the rider guesses wrong, then they must take one sip of they drink which should be a spirit or other strong drink.

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Classic cocktails are the drinks that have stood the test of time. They are the blueprints on which all other cocktails are based. Signature cocktails are created by top-flight bartenders as well as the staff of Supercall.

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Ride the Bus is an infamous party game whereby players take their chances riding a bus to it's final destination in order to get off. At each stop players pick cards and are challenged to predict an outcome. Getting it wrong will see them drinking their way back to the start!

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First things first, let me be clear that I love being a school bus driver. But the adults I have to deal with? As a driver, I cannot see the lap of every kid on my bus and someone would get hit in the face by an unbuckled seat belt. Your child has a higher chance of being in an accident while you drive them to school.

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A Quick Tip You do not want to make enemies in this game. Alliances can be good till the very end. So choose who would dish drinks out wisely, for it can come back to bite you.

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One player, the dealer receives the shuffled cards. All players sit in a circle around the table. Every player should have a few beers ready.

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Looking for some drinking games to play before heading out to the bars for the night? The dealer starts by shuffling the cards and dividing them into a 4 stack pyramid, starting with a row of four on the bottom, a row of three above that, and a row of two. Then, the dealer places one card on top to complete the pyramid.

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Ride the bus drinking game is one of my personal go-to games to get things started. One night I was chilling with a buddy and all we had to drink was kraken rum. We each did a shot and we both agreed we needed to amp each other up to drink the full forty of the harsh liquor.

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Ride the Bus is a drinking game that requires a combination of luck and logic in order to not get completely wasted after the first game - guess correct or drink! One player is assigned as dealer and has the randomly shuffled deck of cards. Players should arrange themselves in a circle or around a table, and everyone should have a few beers ready.

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