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We have in stock many more erotica titles than are listed here, and are particularly strong on titles published in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century: Olympia Press, Pall Mall Press, Palladium Publications, Librairie Astra, Erotica Biblion Society, and many more besides, including French-language imprints. If you would like to send us a wants list, you can do so at the contact page. Please click on image or book title for more details.

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Houri, Alice Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works by Alice Houri.

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His passion for revenge was even more determined than his admiration for the " houri ," as he called the maiden. Asiatic Breezes Students on The Wing. Muslims, do you believe " houri " means grapes as some Muslim scholars have interpreted it?

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Refashioning Iran pp Cite as. The European woman zan-i Farangi was the locus of gaze and erotic fantasy for many eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Persianate voy ag eurs of Europe. The attraction of Europe and European women figured into political contestations and conditioned the formation of new political discourses and identities. These contestations resulted in the valorization of the veil hijab as a visible marker of the self and the other.

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View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Two legendary tales of the East in one spectacular volume.

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In an antechamber to the afterlife, a young woman Ashman who has dreamt of becoming a houri wakes from death and finds a guide Nisha Joseph ready to set her on the desired path. For those unfamiliar, houris are the celestial virgins mentioned in sacred Islamic literature who await believers in paradise. They form part of the sensual descriptions of Jannah, or heaven, in the Koran, and imbue the portrayal of spiritual reward in Islam with an erotic quality that less sex-positive religions — Christianity, for one — can find strangely exotic.

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He was born in Gluxville, Michigan, conducted his self-education somewhere in Illinois, and, in his late thirties, finally settled in New York City, where he allowed himself to grow pudgy. He had brown hair and the face of an ex-boxer: square but soft, large-featured but sagging. After the ordeal that consumed him most intensely throughout his twenties and thirties, he said to an interviewer, "From the moment I grasped its neck, I felt the bass was a part of me.

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About this document click for more. Mystical symbolism in early Baha'i poetry. In the Qur'an the "blacked-eyed maidens" Arab.

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Half-naked slaves hover in attendance, pearly flesh gleams on satin drapery, languorous women sprawl open-thighed on cushions, in a realm given over to its own dark sexual practices. There is a mythical territory called the Orient, which, as Edward Said commented, is part of Western culture, and in this world the harem has long been the focus of Western erotic reveries. The dull fact that the real harem was actually the family quarter seems never to have impinged.

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Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. When these opposites meet dead on, as they often do in life, unbridled passions are loosed and the result is sensual, erotic holocaust unleashed upon an unsuspecting and innocent flower. The young and inexperienced, seduced by pain and pleasure to perform for their degenerate masters.


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