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Vodka, vodka, vodka: Why is it so popular amongst teens and why is it so problematic? Spirits, such as vodka, aren't necessarily any more harmful than any other form of alcohol if you follow basic guidelines i. Recent studies in Australia have shown that the risk of young people being admitted to hospital with alcohol-related liver disease has risen more than tenfold over five years.

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Source: Pedestrian. Are there Walter Whites and Jesse Pinkmans buying up oranges in supermarkets and lacing them with vodka in caravans out in the middle of nowhere before selling them on to unsuspecting teenagers? Source: Giphy.

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The bizarre story involving an upstate New York woman who buzzed in at three times the legal blood-alcohol limit after allegedly downing a bottle of vanilla extract led us to ask the question: If it's same proof as rum or vodka, why isn't vanilla extract regulated like liquor? People getting drunk or trying to get drunk on household products containing ethanol the kind of alcohol we mean when we talk about booze is hardly uncommon. Poison centers and emergency rooms around the country regularly report patients who have to be hospitalized because they downed mouthwash, cough syrup, or alcohol-based flavorings in their attempts to get loaded.

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Just when you thought the kids had discovered every possible way to ingest alcohol, they went ahead and started soaking tampons in vodka and shoving them up their rectums. Perhaps you've heard about "butt chugging" beforebut KTNV hadn't, and so they produced this strangely whimsical TV news report : The "younger crowd," the station reports, has found another "bizarre and dangerous way to get drunk. Both guys and girls are taking tampons, soaking them in alcohol and them shoving them into a place they definitely don't belong. It is known as "butt chugging" and it will supposedly cause a person to become drunker quicker and for that drunk feeling to be more intense.

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Daniela had never drunk vodka before, so it took less than an hour for the half-bottle of spirits to render her unconscious on the floor of her best friend's hallway. She and her friends had been left alone for the first time in a family home to celebrate a 15th birthday party. The shocked parents of the birthday girl returned just in time to see Daniela being rushed to hospital in an ambulance to have her stomach pumped.

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He has snapped his collar bone, cut his face and is so drunk that he falls asleep while being questioned by medics. This was the first of a series of calls handled by trainee medics Paul Baron and Nick Mayer and paramedic crew leader Katy Schofield as London marked Christmas with a familiar bout of falls, fights and frenzied drinking. Worse is expected this week, on a night known as Black Friday.

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Vodka eyeballing is the practice of consuming vodkas by pouring it into the eye socketswhere it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the region into the bloodstream. Reports of this practice as a new fad surfaced in the media beginning in[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] as hundreds of clips of persons purporting to engage in the practice were posted on YouTube. Some observers maintained that the phenomenon was not a real craze, describing the coverage as a media feeding frenzy and part of "a long history of trend pieces that come out of nowhere".

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Soaking tampons in vodka or other liquor is an alleged trend that has been reported in numerous media outlets. However, most of the stories are unlikely to be true and a number of credible sources have debunked the practice entirely. The primary reason suggested for teens and young women inserting vodka soaked tampons into their vagina is to avoid bad breath and the potential to be caught by a breathalyzer test for alcohol.

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Jake Wheatcroft, 16, passes away on New Year's Day after consuming entire bottle of strong spirits while fellow revellers mocked his condition rather than contacting emergency services. The family of a year-old boy who died after drinking a bottle of vodka have blasted his friends — who took pictures of him as he lay dying instead of dialling An inquest heard his friends drew obscene pictures on his face, hit him with a tea towel and poured water on his crotch before taking photographs of him as he lay unconscious.


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