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Hitchens was slated to come on Russert's weekend cable show, and Russert wanted a countervailing voice on the program. A devout Catholic, Russert knew I was an Episcopalian, but I had an old rule that I would never debate Hitchens about anything—he is one of the great intellects and wits of the age—since there was no chance I would ever win. I tried to demur, but Russert closed in as though he were cornering a politician on a Sunday morning.

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Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. She could have stood up for women who were being sexually mistreated by a powerful man. Instead, she defended him and cast doubt on his accusers.

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Clinton replied. In he asked president George W. Bush replied.

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GORE : Let me just say, I did change my position on the issue of federal funding and I changed it because I came to understand more from women -- women think about this differently than men. I'm just trying to find out, when do you believe life begins? Wade decision proposes an answer to that question

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NBC News correspondent Luke Russert is leaving the network to take time away from political reporting and concentrate on other interests. His last day will be July Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd recently said that un-biased political reporting died when Tim Russert passed away.

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By rconnerDecember 18, in SpamCop Lounge. Poor Tim has been dead lo these 30 months, but even death is no bar to being exploited by some lackwit spammer: Tracking link. I was unable to find any evidence that the late Mr.

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Besides the obvious problem of Hollywood big wigs choosing to politicize this problem, the deeper issue is that Ms. Hill is not the advocate for whom women are looking, especially in an industry that is led by many clearly hypocritical men. Hill had the chance to stand up for numerous women who were being sexually mistreated by a powerful man.

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The longest-running show in TV history, and the pride of NBC News, placed first in the Sunday morning ratings for the first time in many months. That's no surprise. It was new moderator Chuck Todd's inaugural broadcast and featured a one-on-one interview with President Obama, who had much news to discuss.

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It is now cowering and no longer proud, given the news of sexual misconduct by a contributor at its affiliate, MSNBC. Trouble is an ongoing program at the cable network. He is also accused by multiple women of sexual harassment during the time he worked at ABC.

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This is a rush transcript provided for the information and convenience of the press. Accuracy is not guaranteed. More than 4, Catholic priests sexually abused more than 10, children. The Catholic hierarchy severely chastised:.


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