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Sex comes with certain risks. And while most of us would instantly think of STDs and pregnancy, this lot of un-sexy sex injuries looks at the risks of sex from a totally different perspective. Luckily, while some of these sex injuries sound down right scary, most can be prevented.

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Sex toys can be a fun and novel way to engage in sex by yourself or with a partner. Incorporating toys into your sex life can be an enriching experience; finding the right toy should be approached with a great deal of patience, playfulness, and safety. Sex toys are a better option than household items.

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If you haven't used a large dildo before, you may have seen horse and walrus sex toys and wondered how on earth you're meant to use them. These dildos are bigger than average in length and girth, so they may be a little bit intimidating. But they're popular for a reason: they can be very pleasurable and satisfying as they create a feeling of "fullness", both vaginally and anally.

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When I first began collecting sex toys, I thought I was being smart by only purchasing the cheapest items on amazon. This was great for my wallet at the time, but it did some terrible things to my health. As it turns out, over ninety percent of the toys I bought were made of jelly or another toxic material. That year, through earlyI developed extreme headaches, nausea, lower back pain, and severe discomfort when urinating.

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Have you ever broken skin with a vibrator? Forum search. Anywhere In the titles In the posts.

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! I think I broke my vagina.

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Much mystery as well as many myths surround the hymen. In somecultures, its presence is believed to indicate chastity and purity. In reality, the hymen is simply an annular round ring of tissue that surrounds the vaginal entry.

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The point of this page is basically to have a landing spot with an easy address. A one-stop shopping point, if you will, of all content that relates to sex toy materials, their safety or dangers and the industry as it relates to this topic. We understand material nuances better as the years go on. In September ofSmitten Kitten again sent out a bunch of sex toys to be tested, the results are found here.

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I would love to be squirted on by every single one of them!! Straight to favorites. I just wish all of these squirting vids didn't involve all the yelling.

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Penetrative sex can be uncomfortable, but sometimes it really hurts The medical term for this is dyspareuniawhich refers to recurring or persistent pain before, during, or after sex, according to the Mayo Clinic. The pain might only occur upon entry, penetration with anything like a tampondeep thrusting, or a combination of those — and the level of pain can range from mild to severe.