Vintage integrated amplifier

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Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. Since Requires complete tear down to clean controls properly.

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So, prepare to put up your dukes. First, we prefer products made by a major manufacturer, meaning that you can still get repairs or, at least, parts. That said, there are a few exceptions on the list.

We've often referred to a stereo amplifier as the heart of a hi-fi system, the rug that knits a system together. Considering its importance, it pays to pick a good one. A less than adequate performer could bring a system's potential down by a couple of notches.

What attracts me to an amp first marketed the year I graduated from high school? The front panel. There are two things about it I find absolutely compelling.

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Paul Rigby follows his guide to vintage turntables with a look at some of the old-school amps that will bring out the best in your records. The biggest mistake you can make about hi-fi is believing that new is always best. That all hi-fi aged by more than a few years is past it and worthless and not even worth plugging in, never mind using.

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Everyone old enough to remember, talks about the s as the golden age of British hi-fi. That's certainly true in one respect, because what was a niche — often do-it-yourself hobby — went completely mainstream, to the point where the third most expensive consumer item, after a house and a car, was a stereo. It dazzled in its day, but how does this '70s direct-drive deck sound now?


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