Care for adult tiger moth

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Anyone who has used a black light to sample insects at night has probably collected a few tiger moths. The subfamily name Arctiinae is likely derived from the Greek arctosmeaning bear, an apt nickname for the fuzzy tiger moth caterpillars. Tiger moths are often but not always brightly colored, with bold markings in geometric shapes.

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In the British Isles it occurs commonly in gardens and open countryside although in recent years numbers have declined alarmingly. The image shown below left of six Garden Tigers attracted to light in a Cornish garden is becoming an increasingly rare sight these days. The caterpillars feed on a wide variety of low growing herbaceous plants such as dandelion, dock and plantain.

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Isabella tiger moth Pyrrharctia isabella is one of the most common insects in North America. It is recognized for its distinct coloration, and stiff bristles, which are soft to the touch. Isabella tiger moth can be observed throughout the growing season.

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I have owned this website for a long time. Some caresheets I have written when I was younger and more inexperienced. This is one of them — it is marked for revision, and will be rewritten with better information and pictures. Is it a highly variable moth; each individual has different looking spots on the wings — this means each individual is unique looking!

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If disturbed the moth displays its orange hindwings with blue-black spots and can produce a clear yellow fluid from two ducts just behind the head. The larvae can be seen from August to late the following June. The larvae are hairy and known as the "Woolly Bear".

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Lepidopterism is a disease caused by the urticating scales and toxic fluids of adult moths, butterflies or its caterpillars. The resulting cutaneous eruptions and systemic problems progress to clinical complications sometimes leading to death. High incidence of fever epidemics were associated with massive outbreaks of tiger moth Asota caricae adult populations during monsoon in Kerala, India.

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Without a doubt, Euchromia folletii is one of the most beautiful and colourful Arctiinae moths that one can raise in captivity. Originating from Africa, these dayflying moths can often be spotted in low vegetation, or feeding on flowers. That is double L, double I but single T!

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Notes on Rearing Scarlet Tiger Moth. Callimorpha dominula. Larvae caterpillars do best outdoors sleeved on growing food plant OR in a net cage with food plant and left to the natural environment.

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The Virginia Tiger Moth Spilosoma virginica is a beautiful, mostly white moth with a few black specks from the family Arctiidae. They are found throughout the United States, despite the common name. During warm weather, if you turn on a porch light, you'll often see both the male and female moths congregating at the light along with all of the other moths that do the same thing.

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