Teens and music influence

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Family arguments over teenagers' music-listening choices are as old as disagreements over who washes the dishes or takes out the trash. Parents' musical tastes are often very different from those of their teenage children; however, music has the potential to affect emotions. As with adults, music can help teenagers identify, process and express their emotions.

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Teenagers spend much of their recreational time listening to music. Pop music and its artists influence teenage lifestyles. Teens idolize and emulate these artists, especially because of the attention they receive in different media.

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What happens between a teenager's headphones? Today's kids aren't listening to the bands you liked at their age -- you already know that. Young people tend to use music as a way of defining and sharing their sense of self, identity, or "personal brand.

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Teenagers listen to an average of nearly 2. One in three popular songs contains explicit references to drug or alcohol use, according to a new report in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. That means kids are receiving about 35 references to substance abuse for every hour of music they listen to, the authors determined. While songs about drugs and excess are nothing new, the issue is getting more attention because so many children now have regular access to music out of the earshot of parents.

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Music surrounds us. We hear it in TV commercials, in movies, in the car, at school, at work, and at home. Teens listen to about three hours of music a day and acquire more than 10, hours worth of active music listening throughout their adolescence.

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Listening to music has always played an important role in learning, expression, and communication. The amount of time children and adolescents spend listening to music in its various forms has continued to increase over the years. As such, the effect that music has on children and adolescents can be quite strong.

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Through several different times in history, music has influenced teenagers. Teens in America are a prime example of how music has effected teenagers economically, physically, and even psychologically. Different decades lead to different styles of popular music, but the effects are about the same.

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Since the birth of hip hop and rap in the s, the genres have swept away not only the nation but the world as a whole. Specifically teens are attracted to this controversial music style. The lyrics appeal to the emotional struggles usually felt in teenage years, and for teens in lower socioeconomic brackets, the financial struggles felt by many rappers mirror their own.

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Long before the emo generation, parents questioned the influence of music on impressionable youth. This topic caught my attention recently as an adolescent shared with me the importance of music in her recovery. They wondered if listening to this music might have contributed to her recent peak in depressive symptoms.

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Music is taking over the whole of America, the kids, adult and even teens are all taken by music. Music brings great joy, peace and also helps people forget their worries. The influence that music has in the life of individual people especially teenage is enormous.


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