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Even the weirdest beauty ingredients have become our most coveted ones. It also houses some interesting beauty-related contraptions see: face expander. But after reading the descriptions and its effortless slimming testimonies, can you blame us for questioning its claims and results.

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These fatty deposits are said to make one look more wide-eyed, youthful and innocent, as they look like the natural pouches we get under our eyes when we smile. The trend, which first became popular aroundcan be achieved through makeupsurgery, or filler injections. Oils have long been used as a skin moisturizer, but animal oils have in recent years become especially popular, due to the fact that they are smooth, quickly absorbed, and, per their claims, similar in chemical composition to the oils found naturally in human skin.

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In any other species, spotted markings are an undercover guise, a way for leopards, speckled frogs, and monarch butterflies to blend into the landscape. But for five rising models living in the wilds of Paris, Tokyo, and New York, freckles command attention. In an era that prizes individuality above all else, who can resist a pointillistic decoration that is not only unique to the wearer but to the given moment?

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This extends to their beauty industries, too, as I discovered on a recent trip to Japan. Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like! While the thought of slathering snail mucin all over your face is a little disturbing, plenty of Japanese and Korean women do it every day in the form of face and even BB creams. This Korean skincare trend went viral on Instagram and YouTube last year.

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My friend Megan is, by traditional standards, gorgeous. Her hair gleams, she tiptoes on the line between svelte and bean-pole skinny with the finesse of a dancer, and she has that agreed-upon indicator of Tumblr "thinspiration" perfection, the unattainable "thigh gap," without even trying. Let me rephrase: for all that the so-called "model minority" has made gains in educational attainment, income level, or public regard in the United States, we have done shockingly little to proactively cast away antiquated beliefs on gender and physical attractiveness -- the kind of beliefs that kept women's feet bound until the early 20th century.

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Decades ago, people had a specific look in mind when they think about models — tall, beautiful, and skinny. Now, things are starting to change. Here are ten unusual models who are changing the face of beauty.

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But who is the beholder? What does the Korean convergence mean about the racial, ethnic, and cultural aspects of physical beauty around the world? The male gaze involves seeing women solely as erotic images, two-dimensional tools for the visual pleasure of heterosexual men rather than human beings with a comprehensive set of thoughts, emotions, and agency.

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In case you haven't heard, there is so much to love about Korean beauty products. From the cutesy packaging to their kooky ingredients, there's a reason why Korean beauty is making waves all over the internet. Case in point? These strange but effective Korean beauty products going viral right now.

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Kat Chow. This is the second half of a look at the history and motivations behind the Asian blepharoplasty, popularly known as "double-eyelid surgery. Today, we'll explore the "why.

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V-line masks offer a third option for those looking to achieve this popular look. These masks claim to give wearers a V-line by constricting their jaw area, squeezing fatty tissue away from the chin, jaw, and neck, and slimming down the face. Your browser does not support video.


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