Vagina fornix

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The posterior part is clinically significant as the site for culdocentesis and culdoscopy. The proximity of the ureter below and the uterine artery above adjacent to the lateral fornix is important clinically. Synonym s : fornix vaginae [TA], fornix uteri.

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A gutter-like ring that surrounds the cervix which is protruding into the vault of the vagina. And here we can see in this diagram we have what's known as the external os and that is a small opening which we can see here as well. And as it pushes in, it leaves a gutter that surrounds the cervix.

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Cases of post-coital posterior fornix perforation with vaginal eviscerations are infrequently reported in literature and uncommon cause for laparotomy. High degree of suspicion in these cases is important especially in sexually active women as delay in management often results in life threatening blood loss, peritonitis and intestinal obstruction. Physicians should be aware that initial patient history may be inaccurate or misleading if taken in the presence of family or partner given the sensitive nature of the injury.

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Colpometer—device for measuring the diameter of the fundus vaginalis is an instrument for medical use that does not exist on the market and is produced from AISI stainless steel for reuse after autoclave sterilization or produced from polyethylene polymer for disposable use. The device allows measurement of the diameter of the vaginal fornix to enable the medical professional to ascertain said measurement and thus to selected the size of intravaginal component to be used. It has a curved rod with a graduated scale in centimeters that is capable of measuring the distance between the distal ends of the instrument when open. The distance between the open distal ends inside the fundus vaginalis allows verification, using the centimeter scale, of the diameter of the fundus vaginalis.

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The female genital organs comprise the ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, vagina, and external genitalia fig. The vagina is situated partly in the pelvic cavity and partly in the perineum. The internal organs can be examined by an electrically lit tubular instrument inserted into the peritoneal cavity laparoscopy.

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Vagina is a musculomembranous tube, cm long, extending from the cervix of uterus to the vestibule of vagina. It is usually collapsed: its anterior and posterior walls are in contact except from the superior part where the cervix keeps them apart. The vagina is compressed by 4 muscles: Pubovaginalis, External urethral sphincter, Urethrovaginalis sphincter, Bulbospongiosus.

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Angioni, M. Peiretti, M. Zirone, M.

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The fornices of the vagina sing. The word "fornix" is Latin for "arch". During sexual intercourse in the missionary positionthe tip of the penis reaches the anterior fornix, while in the rear-entry position it reaches the posterior fornix. Some women receive enjoyment from stimulation of the fornices, while other women say that their fornices cannot be stimulated without stimulation of the cervix, which may be painful.


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