Shaving bikini area during pregnancy

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Experts have found that there is a small decrease in infection rates in mothers when the hair on the perineum is left in place, which is something that is usually removed in bikini waxes. But it is mostly a personal choice, and as long as it is done safely, you can proceed with hair removal. Pubic hair removal during pregnancy is helpful in caesarean deliveries and shaving the hair does help in making suturing easier.

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Yep, while your favorite pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow throughout your body may likely lead to gorgeous changes to your skin, nails and hairunfortunately these factors also bring on hair growth in unexpected and unwanted places like your armpits, bikini line, upper lip and belly. Luckily, the extra fuzz is only temporary — your hair should return to normal about six months after you give birth. While you can conveniently tweeze at home, threading an ancient technique where a loop of thread is rotated across the skin to pluck hair is best done by a pro.

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Shaving for birth used to be something that the nurses did to you when you arrived at the hospital. As doctors and midwives realized that there might be a purpose for pubic hair in preventing infection, this practice died quickly. The majority of women were really relieved.

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Shaving pubic hair is a common ritual for many women. But when you're expecting, you may think twice about wielding a blade down there. In general, can you shave your vagina when pregnantor is au naturel the way to go now?

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By Erin Silver Jan 16, Photo: iStockPhoto. None of us knew then that shaving before labour is actually a no-no.

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Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. I'm currently sitting at the single table in life these days, so my answer was no, but the question got me thinking: Can you?

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Around the 20th week of pregnancy, the extra hormones make your hair grow faster and thicker than ever before. Trying to shave with a baby bump can seem like an impossible task because it can be hard to reach or see the areas you want to shave. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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There are lots of things women need to do to prepare physically and emotionally for giving birth. From eating healthily, to pelvic floor muscle exercises and breathing techniques - there all kinds of considerations. Many women choose to groom their pubic hair these days, whether it's by waxing or shaving, and some opt to do so ahead of giving birth. Dr Cate Bell, a practicing midwife in Sussex and a hypnobirthing practitioner, said: "Our current advice is that you don't shave or wax your pubic area just prior to giving birth.

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You are left confused whether or not you should shave your pubic hair before delivery. Before you enter the labor room, you, usually, go through perineal hair shaving. It could be annoying and might unleash a myriad of emotions.

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If I were to compile a list of priorities of someone who is currently gestating a tiny human, a clean-shaven bikini line would probably not be at the top for most people. Except for me. In all fairness, can you really blame a gal for trying to hold on to a little bit of sexy? Okay, I saw that eye roll.


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